Ok Google: What is my life’s purpose?

Trusting our apps, digital tools and search devices is second nature to us. Our phones, iPads and laptops get us everything we need in real time, including a hot meal if we need it. The only trick is we need to know what we are looking for, the tools don’t think for us, we need to be able to navigate through the noise to find our own answers. So essentially our success is really only as big as the questions we ask. For the surface stuff this works well. I need a new water filter, bam…water filters!

Let’s imagine we were to apply this same logic to ourselves, and our inner discovery of what we seek from life.  What if we are looking for more intangible things, like meaning, fulfillment, career satisfaction. How well do we know how to search for these things through the noise of our busy minds and our feisty emotions? Do you know when you are off track? Do you know when you are on track even, or just pumped up on adrenaline? Can you trust yourself to find the correct answer like you can trust Wikipedia or Google? We need to trust ourselves, but if we don’t have inner tools we can trust what kind of results are we getting in life? Are the answers we receive correct? Are we even asking the right questions? Typing “I am thirsty” into Google, won’t yield a drink of water, you need to be looking for “water.” I would like to suggest that we are programmed the same way, and we need to establish tools inside ourselves to help us ask the big questions so we can get the big answers.

Google launched an initiative in 2012, a program called Search Inside Yourself. A workshop which over 1000 Google staff have attended so far. Learning to build inner skills in mindfulness, emotional management and meditation. Many say it changed their lives. The program was developed by Chade-Meng Tan a Google engineer who wanted to create world peace as his Google personal project. And he’s off to a great start, he is serously the nicest most genuine being, they even changed his job title at Google to ‘Jolly Good Fellow’. I’m personally so excited to see smart, creative, able people taking this course and connecting with themselves to bring forward happier, more fulfilled versions of themselves, who can in turn  bring forward even greater innovations and game-changing ideas.

So to find yourself you need tools, except these tools are not things, they are more like inner superpowers honed to help you navigate towards your higher purpose. People are mostly hardwired to achieve in this world and that is one of the best tools we have going for us, because we can use that same drive to go within and find the place inside ourselves that will awaken our soul’s potential.

So why on earth would you want to awaken your soul’s potential? First let’s define soul. In this context your soul is your inner knower, the source of all your wisdom, the part of you who knows why you were born and what you have come here to do. It’s not your mind, that’s more focussed on your ego and thinking, your mind thinks up things you want to achieve with your life, but your soul just knows what is yours to do. So the value of connecting into your soul essentially brings a depth of meaning to your life you cannot think up with your mind.

What I have learnt is that we can create meaningful success through using our true purpose as a dynamic tool to navigate decisions and keep us on track. I also noticed that when we align to this deep truth inside ourselves, we become unstoppable, because our energy and drive does not only come from our mental motivations and caffeine adrenaline hits, it comes directly from our soul – it is intrinsic motivation, the source of our life on Earth. When we are aligned with our soul’s purpose as entrepreneurs and employees, we are connected with that strength and can use it to succeed in the most profound and fulfilling ways. 

My vision is a new civilisation, borne on purpose and alignment seeded in each person’s heart first, and then discovered and bought into bloom with creativity and wisdom. Without a dedication to knowing and living your purpose there is no real change, you might think you are being a game changer, but you are just stabbing in the dark at what you think will make you happy or are chasing opportunities to make money so you can go do what you love.

If you really want to live an authentically happy life, you need to change the whole game.

It starts by going within, searching inside yourself, awakening yourself to your own magnificence and true power. Build your dream on the solid foundation of your true life’s purpose and you will never be empty. Train yourself to know how to find your path and establish the inner tools needed to get you through this world.

 I don’t know about you, but I like succeeding and I don’t like being half-assed about anything. When Simon Sinek spoke to the world about finding purpose, over 15 million people responded by watching his TED talk online. So please don’t tell me finding, knowing and living your true purpose is an unnecessary distraction taking away from your focus of building your business or career. Your purpose needs to be where you start building. Find out if you are avoiding living your life’s purpose.

If you are serious about living your dreams you need to  ensure you have the best chance of success. Take time now to get aligned with your purpose and you will live a more fulfilled life, enjoying your journey daily and helping in turn to create the best world you can by being the change.