Everything we do creates the future

Web 3.0 is the future of the internet. It’s bigger than Google, better than Facebook and more engaging than Twitter. This age is all about one thing; reinvention.

The Internet isn’t something that you turn on, but a phenomenon that is evolving constantly. The Web 2.0 era had an impact and ushered in a wave of innovation, new ideas and business models. The question on all marketers lips is “what’s coming next?” “Web 3.0” as it is being called is a profound shift in technology, user behavior, interface design and most importantly mindset. The first question I hear is: “how can I get my business ready for web 3.0 before my competitors get there first?”

And this is the perfect illustration of the Web 2 mindset. Me, me me. It’s the very fabric of how we approach this new technology that reflects our ability to comprehend its power and the possibilities of future visioning and culture creating.

Welcome to the future friends


June 2022

Selected as this month’s curious creator on the Web 3 social platform cent.co. I have created a series of four mandalas called FIND YOUR CENTER, inspired by the brand name cent, but also the power of blockchain and the principles of decentralization to acutally help reorganize society in a world that let’s be honest is in chaos.

👉🏽 cent.app.bio

Mint all four each one represents a stage in the journey to ones center.
One is released each week. There is no charge to mint, all NFT’s are on the Polygon network and will be visible on OpenSea.

Find Your Center by Bība

A meditation on the mastery of life: to remain centered amidst the complexity we face in the modern world. A reflection of life’s chaos, as well as its beauty. Exploring four human perspectives on finding one’s place in the world.
Bība is an audio visual artist and meditation teacher blurring the lines of art and awakening. She guides your senses to discover a world beyond physical reality, encouraging you to seek your own path.

Week 1

Enter The Light Field / Find Your Center

Week 2

Remember Your Center of Gravity / Find Your Center

Week 3

Align With Truth / Find Your Center

Week 4

Expand into Limitlessness / Find Your Center

Limited Time: Free to mint / 👉🏽 cent.app.bio