body & soul movement


The universe does not require us to be perfect, it does however, require that we grow.

There is a tribe, they are urban warriors seeking new ways to be in this changing world. Reinventing the old paradigms, and breaking new ground with innovation, passion and often a sense of survival.

Relationships. Career. Food. Finances. Art. Sex. God. Fitness. Health. Home. Community. Fashion. Consumption. Everything is being questioned and reviewed.

If this is you, welcome.

My work exists at the intersection of art and awakening. Where we take responsibility for dreaming our own destiny and creating the world we want to live in. The future we want to see.

So what are we creating?

Did you know we have the power to create our own peace, happiness and abundance? We create our reality through every choice and decision we make daily.

However, life in its essence, is also an unfolding mystery.

We can flow with it or fight with it, and either choice  affects what we create, and how we feel. The mastery is in trusting and letting go enough so we can come into alignment with life and at the same time create the life we dream of.

Life knows how to live through us, it lives through every being and plant on earth.

We simply need the courage, focus, discipline, hearts-wide-open-trust, and commitment to let go.

There are universes inside people.

Life is an adventure, a game to be mastered – playing within universal laws. And the prize is our limitlessness, joy and communion with a love so deep, divine and wild it will take your breath away.

I have seen things, experienced things and have been journeying into the mystery of the Self for many decades. And I will keep going and seeking and growing until the end. That’s one of the universal laws: Keep going, no matter what.

So let’s dream the biggest dream we can dream. Speak the future into existence. Live on purpose. Do the work. Stand in the fire. Align with the light, and be relentless daily toward the outcome of peace, happiness, love and freedom in our lives.

Here’s to the eternal quest and the unfolding mystery of the universe.