The Future of Healing: Energy Intelligence

If your goal is to be free of stress, recover from burnout or heartbreak, or to optimize your time meditating, and feel grounded in your body. This is the new human experience. 

Quantum Attunement™  is a science backed somatic and energetic approach to mental health and spiritual expansion, you can do anywhere, anytime — forever!

Is there anything in life that’s more important than your health and wellbeing?

Go beyond just feeling ‘normal’ again. Restore and rebuild yourself free of your current state of mind and heart: so you can level up to thrive, live your life on purpose and grow as a dynamic and powerful future creator. 

It’s all POSSIBLE. Through energy balancing and education you can change your reality. Sound, movement, meditation, insight and intention are ALL the tools you need. And you already have access to these things – you were born whole with a dynamic energy field that is ready to be activated.


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Working with Biba has been a dream.

Her wisdom is potent and her delivery is digestible.

This combination makes her work extremely effective. It's refreshing and inspiring to work with someone this intelligent and yet down to earth.

She is guiding me to my inner light and I'm forever grateful.

~ Lee Curac-Dahl // Founder Army of Love // IG Influencer

I found a deep connection to myself.

I found a deep connection to myself, discovering new things about myself, enjoying and learning to accept everything that comes.

Soul Purpose Masterclass has outdone my expectations, it really is connected to my real life and it comes at a perfect time for me.

~ Joost De Muinck Keiser // Founder Everless

Energy Education has been the missing class in our life’s curriculum. 

Within each and every one of us alive right now is a hologram: An energetic blueprint for the future human. Until now we have never been taught to understand energy nor have we had the guidance to access our own healing and regeneration powers! 

Are you ready to let go of stress, burnout and heartbreak to create the life of your dreams, and activate your dynamic energy fields?

Living without stress, confusion or trauma is one of our deepest human desires. Our minds and bodies have an innate wisdom that seeks to restore balance and ease – if we can only allow the process to unfold.

What would it mean to your life to have:


Live from the inside out – Tune in to your deepest self, release stress, overcome trauma and learn how to relax, and regenerate.


Transform yourself on a cellular level by attuning yourself to the quantum field, tapping into your purpose and unlocking your vitality. 


Energy is everything and everything is energy. When you change your thinking patterns and align with possibility your reality can shift.

My guess is – you feel stress and burnout are controlling your life, and you are in major need of healing, relaxation and regeneration? And really have no idea where to even start.

So let’s find out where you are at, and build from there. Perhaps you want to:

  • Stop feeling stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed?
    But doing less and pausing just adds to your anxiety, and you find it impossible to relax and prioritize yourself.
  •  Release tension and stress from your mind, emotions, and body?
    You know that holding on and pushing forward is unsustainable and is taking its toll.
  • Clear emotional traumas that have been stored in your nervous system?
    Being reactive and over sensitive is exhausting you, and that’s not how you want to show up in the world.
  • Relax your emotional body allowing more freedom and peace to flow into it?
    You know you need to unwind, but time is limited and you want to optimize it for the best outcome.
  • Learn how to change limiting beliefs holding you back from the success which is waiting for you?
    You put pressure on yourself to think in new ways, but find yourself spiraling in old patterns
  • Effectively treat conditions, like PTSD, depression, anxiety and even heartbreak?
    These strong energies make it hard to wake up and feel bright and optimistic all day.

If this is how life is for you right now – Know that it can ALL change. 

It’s time to consider a holistic approach to healing your body, mind and spirit. Sound healing, somatic alignment and meditation alone are some of the most powerful, scientifically proven techniques used to heal the nervous system at its roots, “before” any symptoms occur!


New Courses and Classes will be announced soon.
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If you feel in the dark about your purpose and future, welcome you are about to walk into the light.

Your Body is a Symphony:
The Subtle Art of Healing and Wellness

Quantum Attunement™  is a somatic healing modality that works with the mind, body and emotions to activate your internal healing potential. One session can bring immediate relief. And through a series of attunements, you can experience shifts in your nervous system and brain waves, leading to greater vitality and freedom from trauma, stress and burnout.

Meditation Circles – Womens Circles – Guided Audio – Alchemy of Dance – Yin Flow Yoga – Healing Soundscapes – Soul Purpose Masterclass

This body of work is a vibrational healing system I have created over the last 25 years – bringing together sound, movement, meditation, insight and intention to support you on your journey of personal growth, healing and quantum development. Optimized to ensure its relevance in our modern world and pushes into new levels of future possibilities. Quantum Attunement empowers you to find balance with yourself, aligning to your life purpose and creating the energetic blueprints you need to create magnificent life.

The Future of Wellness is Sound.
The Future of Sound is Quantum.

By attuning to the quantum vibration of the universe, you can entrain your body and brain to enter a high vibrational state that will allow you to access unlimited energy and deep regeneration.


New Courses and Classes will be announced soon.
Please join the Light List to keep connected. Looking forward to more.