It’s about the journey…

This morning I received an amazing email. Interestingly it was about a company that was closing down. Now I used to walk past shops and businesses with closing down sale signs in the window, and my heart would sink. I would think, “oh how sad someones dream has failed,” or “all their hard earned savings went into that business and now its gone.” This was before I had my own companies and realised that these business ventures and risk opportunities are part of the very magic we call life, learning and experiences. The email I got reminded me of how much I’ve grown, how I see life differently now and how it was through having my own business that brought me some of my most profound life lessons.

What I loved about the email from the founder, Sol at was that he was truly grateful for the amazing journey that was now complete. Kudos to those guys for having the wisdom and altitude to look for the good, be grateful for the learning opportunities and remain in the love at the end.

Here’s the email I received:

Dear 12ers,

Nearly 3 years ago, David Beach and I decided to grab a beer at a local pub and talk about startup ideas.  I told him a dumb idea and he told me about one called 10seconds.  I said, “we should do that one.”  He said, “okay.”  And that was it.  That is until we figured out that was already taken.  12seconds sounded pretty good to us too.

We set out on a journey that would take on a wild ride of ups and downs.  We experienced birth, death and (Beach) even battled cancer.

Today we are announcing the end of 12seconds.

Why?  As you probably know, everything has a life cycle.  12seconds is in its twilight.  After all the new product launches and attempts at a revenue model, fundraising with VCs and late night coding sessions with Jacob hunched over his monitors – it’s time to call it.  It is time to end 12seconds.

However, if 12seconds had a bucket list it would have filled it up with amazing life experiences!  We launched an innovative micro-vlogging system, built crazy mobile apps, created revenue with legit sponsors, we were nominated for awards and had the best users on the Internet – our beloved 12ers.

12seconds is not a failure – it is a life well-lived.  It really is about the journey.  I know this because I’m at the destination.

You’re thinking, “holy crap I made like 1000 12second videos, what do I do?”  Later this week, we’re going to release a download tool for you to capture those moments in time.  It will be available until we pull the plug – on October 22nd.

If you have any questions or want to say goodbye, feel free to reply to this e-mail or click here ( to wish us all well.

There were a lot of team members and users who made 12seconds an incredible experience.  I can’t possibly list them all here but you know who you are.  Finally, to my co-founders Beach and Jacob – I love you guys.

Sol Lipman