Will you move to NYC and make my dream come to life? ~ Khajak Keledjian

Khajak wanted to create a modern space for people to connect with their best selves and live life to their fullest potential. It was a blank slate to create something amazing, impactful and innovative.

Bianca was living in Sydney at the time, and had met Khajak at Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco early in 2014. He told her about his vision, and there was an instant synergy, after many skype meetings and brainstorming sessions, by July that year Khajak invited her to move to NYC to bring his dream to life. Bianca took on the biggest professional challenge of her life, in the name of answering the call, trusting, learning, growing. collaborating and serving.


Create a modern concept that would herald the future of meditation. Appealing to mainstream people who are living in a fast paced overstimulated world, and are new to meditation.

As a founding member of Inscape, Khajak was looking to Bianca for her expertise at this emerging  intersection. She started by assessing the existing meditation landscape. Drawing on her years of experience in the wellness and personal development world, plus her creative, branding, technology, product development and startup experience this was a moment whose time had come. Developing a strategy to deliver signature meditation and relaxation content that would be authentic, effective and suit the modern urban lifestyle.


  • A unique 5000 sq ft luxury meditation studio in downtown Manhattan.
  • An iOS app featuring hundreds of hours of meditation and relaxation content.
  • An extensive content library of researched, sound designed and audience tested sessions for the app and studio.
  • A highly curated retail collection of meaningful and inspiring gifts.
  • A custom designed range of meditation and relaxation cushions and soft furnishings.

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