I have seen the future…

We only ever really have two choices: to get bitter or better when we are confronted with anything. I choose better. Not only that; I choose best, and trying to leave things better than I found them.

I’ve been trained by teachers, facilitators, shamans, gurus, God, my mum, tarot cards, numerology, the stars, nature, psychedelics, friends, strangers, song lyrics, heart breaks and shattered dreams. Every time I chose to use everything as a teacher, and love as my guide. I am finely aware to read my universe and get feedback in realtime. I’ll never say it was easy.

If we listen closely we will hear everything we need to know. I trust that what is for me will not go past me. And when I hear the inner wisdom; I have been trained to do as I am told. It’s not always what I want but once I change my attitude I’m home free. Living in alignment with my purpose, as opposed to what I think I want.

The mind is such a trap only trumped by the emotions, and it is when we can truly transcend into our heart and connect with our soul does this world make sense.

Love is unbreakable, but it’s passive and will allow everything to run all over it, pain, anger, fear, shyness, ego, protection. Then when it all settles down and runs out of steam the only thing remaining is love.

So I’ve learnt to trust that love infinitely.

And so I go through my life trying to not try. Controlling myself to stop controlling, and letting go so that my heart can lead me, and I have got the wit that I can hear it.

So here I am uncontrollably expressing. Seeking to stab the mainline of my truth and hold on to it forever. My art and words and creativity  is how I try to grab on to the magic and beauty of the inner world’s I have come to know, and attempt to bring them into this world, so I can remember and know what’s real.

Love is real.

Keep connected I look forward to sharing the journey with you.