How to live an authentic and meaningful life

Tonight I was working with some inspired and energetic entrepreneurs; the subject was PURPOSE. Finding out our why. What is our essence? What is the very point where we are unlocked with pure inspiration, and limitless energy  lifts us toward our vision?

Purpose is a buzzword, but it is also the most profoundly powerful vehicle for happiness, joy and fulfilment we have available to us. When you have a sense of purpose your life suddenly has meaning. When you find something meaningful to do is it effortless to be engaged in your work. Many people are unhappy at work because they find it meaningless, what they are doing is not aligned with their own inner purpose.

We are in week two of our journey together as a group, and while entrepreneurs are always excited to get on with it and get to the guts of the business coaching I insist on taking time to work on purpose. It is a priority because entrepreneurs are often driven to succeed and have lots of energy and wit to spot an opportunity and areas for innovation fast. Moving swiftly to build an empire. So the idea of stopping and reflecting inwards can seem annoying, but having a clear idea of your purpose helps keep you on track with what is going to bring you the most fulfilment.

I personally have had the experience of building a company which was fun, energetic and creative as well as very successful, but in the end it did not fulfil my sense of purpose. It did not hold much meaning for me in terms of what I felt I was born to do. So I know the value in taking the time to orient yourself with your higher purpose early in the game and beginning to choose into creating in that direction and living a meaningful life.

A few days ago a friend of mine Eric Lumiere shared a video of his involvement with TEDxMalibu, his suject: “What is Your Greatest Heart’s Desire.” It is a really powerful and heart felt performance. I was inspired to share it with my group tonight and with you. It really captures the essence of purpose and being guided in the world by our inner wisdom.

When we remember that what we seek is not ‘out there’ and that our true purpose is in choosing back and sharing our gifts, the gifts we are each born with, the gifts which define as unique beings, then we begin the journey toward fulfilment and happiness.

Knowing and living your life purpose is the first step toward building  the new paradigm of success and defining HOW we win.