Happy Birth Day Blissonomics™

What an excellent day to be born! Valentine’s Day, the day that love in all it’s weird shapes and forms is celebrated around the world! For those of you who know me you know I’m all about love so it makes perfect sense that I would launch my wonderful new website on international LOVE day.

It might seem like a big ask of yourself and the universe to be continuously surrounded by love because let’s face it some days life sucks. Some people roll their eyes when I go on about love and the goodness of life, thinking: Get real girl you live in fantasy land. The thing is we all live in fantasy land just some of us live in good fantasies and others pretty crappy ones. It’s just more fun living in an awesome happy fantasy.

I for one have been taught by many masters to always look for the good in all people and all situations. After a while of forcing myself to do that it started to become a habit. Soon I was seeing so much more goodness and love in the world.

Trust me I have been in some pretty dark places and could have made any number of un-fun choices when I was there. During one of my saddest moments of my life I had a realisation. I had been studying the universal wisdoms of the ages since I was 16 years old and I thought to myself if any of these teachings of love and forgiveness were true now was the moment I was going to need to prove it to myself. This moment was what I had been in training for for all these years. Now was the time to be a warrior.

I decided to choose love, I committed to finding gratitude and forgiveness in my dark hours and slowly I began to heal.

I can only speak for myself, but the LOVE thing worked out for me. And I’m even more of a fan now that I have experienced the power of love to over come things that really suck. I want to say all things, but for now I’ll just say things that suck.

So I love love. Happy Love Day! Happy Birthday Blissonomics! Here’s to sharing my love and light with all you awesome beings reading this. I intend to encourage you to connect with your heart and follow your dreams.

One of my latest loves is talking about the new paradigm of business, which to me is really about infusing love back into our everyday lives. Into work, into success, into money, really shining the light into these areas and uncovering new ways to be in this world filled with loving. Allowing our own true purpose to guide us.

I believe we can have it all, and all at once. Through redefining our paradigms and de-educating ourselves, our world can literally transform. So let’s commit today to choosing to see the good in all things and finding a way to love even when we are given every reason not too.

From my heart to yours. Blessings and light