This is the change we have been waiting for. And even praying for. But are you ready?

Web3 is different things to different people. From blockchain being perceived as an environmental disaster to nfts being the game changing tech that brings balance and freedom back to a very controlled society.

What I see is a profound shift in the way we view the world, perceive and create success, take responsibility or not, and how we choose to use our power or give it away. This is not nothing! These are major psychological world views that shape people and culture. Influencing art, business and the environment.

I take the time to shine the light on the possibilities of what is happening with Web3 as a reflection of the collective and individual consciousness. I have been watching this since Web1, how the matrix of the internet and websites and human nature all tell a story of our evolution as a species.

So here we are Web3. It’s time to look at the ways you are doing things differently, how hard you hold on to the past and how much potential you truly have when you fully understand that there are no limits.

As Internet founder Tim Berners-Lee once said, “for people who want to make sure the Web serves humanity, we have to concern ourselves with what people are building on top of it.”

This is a chance to reimagine the internet, and it’s important to make sure it’s done in the interests of end-users rather than corporations.

Josh Drake – chief operating officer at DFINITY.

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A Collective of socially driven creatives integrating Filmmaking, Art and Web3, to pioneer a new paradigm of social impact fundraising and mobilization.

A Mission to alleviate poverty in Bali by bringing daily meals, medical treatment & education to Indonesians affected by the collapse of the economy.

A Vision to build a community to produce the first NFT social impact feature documentary and raise funds for our social impact partners.

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The BRAVA OG Collection is made of 320 Cyberpunk Amazonas on the Ethereum Blockchain, all minted and alive. When you have a BRAVA NFT in your wallet, you’re taking a step with the community to spark a renewed sense of urgency and advocacy towards the pressing cause of ending violence against women and girl children.

👉 Boots on the Ground — The BRAVA Soldier Program is LIVE

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