Transformation is what people are now seeking.

I'm also a contemporary artist and experience designer creating content, interactive installation experiences and products in the wellness, music, Web3 and transformational travel space.

Sharing my understanding of the power of integrating the physical with the spiritual. Collaborating with brands, hotels, properties, expos and festivals who want to bring a transformational dimension to their offering.


Created at the intersection of art and awakening, fused with relevant technology, and future thinking. Boutique, private, commercial or big budget projects. People leave feeling happier, having had a memorable uplifting moment in time, that’s emotionally connected, more than simply instagrammable.


A Creative Director and Product Developer with over 20 years experience. Working across web and app technology, digital art, physical space, experience design and delivery, curation, retail, print and audio visual mediums.


Most recent big budget collaboration was co-creator of the much celebrated wellness concept studio, and mobile app Inscape, in New York City.


Inspired by traditional wisdom keepers, modern day entrepreneurs, storytellers, artists, social movements, dreamers and educators to create inspiring, visionary and meaningful experiences to contribute toward a flourishing world future.

My mission is to create sacred, transformational and celebratory spaces, and to unite community through shared experiences using art and experience design.

  • To ignite connection and help to mark our journey through life.
  • To co-create with love, empowering people to be loyal to their personal growth and soul’s evolution.
  • To remind people they are loved, they belong and they are worthy.
  • To inspire people to keep their eyes on the light, and to create a magnificent future.