How you play the game, is the game.

I am a tech entrepreneur turned cultural futurist. I am interested in how building new paradigm businesses will create a flourishing future of our world. So the entrepreneur is not only on the hero's journey, but that journey also becomes the hero's journey of the planet.

My mission is to inspire people to create a new future for our world through inspiring their personal, business and career choices to change the very fabric that defines how we succeed.

An inspiration and innovation studio that exists at the intersection of art, technology and evolution of consciousness.

Inspired by wisdom keepers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, artists, social movements and educators to create inspiration, vision and meaning toward a flourishing world future.


The mission of TRANSCEND is to hold sacred space and unite community. To inspire and uplift, to be interactive and help to mark our journey through life. Creating constant reminders of our true inner self, helping make the invisible worlds visible.


To leave people better than I found them. To create unforgettable experiences and moments in time.


To be a joyful luminary, reminding people they are loved, they belong and they are worthy. Inspiring people to keep their eyes on the light. And to create a magnificent future.