How you play the game, is the game.

I am a tech entrepreneur turned cultural futurist. I am interested in how building new paradigm models will create a flourishing future of our world. So the seeker is not only on the hero's journey, but that journey also becomes the hero's journey of the planet.

My mission is to inspire people to create a new future for our world, through their choices that have the power change the very fabric that defines how we succeed.

The Living Mystery: Our journey home to love

Inspired by wisdom keepers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, artists, social movements, dreamers and educators to create inspiration, vision and meaning toward a flourishing world future.

The mission of TRANSCEND is to hold sacred space and unite community.

  • To ignite connection and help to mark our journey through life.
  • To co-create with living love empowering people to be loyal to their soul’s evolution.
  • To remind people they are loved, they belong and they are worthy.
  • To inspire people to keep their eyes on the light, and to create a magnificent future.

TRANSCEND // Living Mystery Circles

Nomadic gatherings held in various locations around the world. We will be exploring mystical practises and teachings. I will share techniques I have learned over the last 30 years. Each circle inspired and unique taking life fro the people present.

The focus is soul awareness and living from the center of loving.

Series launching 2018