How you play the game, is the game.

I am a tech entrepreneur turned cultural futurist. I am interested in how building new paradigm businesses will create a flourishing future of our world. So the entrepreneur is not only on the hero's journey, but that journey also becomes the hero's journey of the planet.

My mission is to inspire people to create a new future for our world through inspiring their personal, business and career choices to change the very fabric that defines how we succeed.

An inspiration and innovation lab that exists at the intersection of art, technology and evolution of consciousness.

Inspired by wisdom keepers, entrepreneurs, global brands, artists, social movements and educators to create inspiration, vision and meaning toward a flourishing world future.

Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with joy but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple, and take alms from them who work with joy. – Khalil Gibran

What is LOVE?

Love is a universal element, an invisible bond that connects all people. Unconditional love is a learned skill of acceptance and kindness. Love is the power of transcendence.


To build a healthy happy world for all people by inspiring everyone toward the good of people and the peace of the planet.


To create a brand that is known for high quality, high intention, high vibration products and experiences. A brand that excites people, engages people and inspires people through creating meaning, and uniting the tribe known as spiritual not religious.


Transcend has one mission: To be a joyful luminary, reminding people they are loved, they belong and they are worthy. Inspiring people to keep their eyes on the light. And to create a magnificent future.