The Tenth Door

The meeting of spirituality and science

The tenth door is the inner gateway to your self awareness, healing and happiness.

In science it is called the pineal gland, in Sanskrit the tisra til, new age groups call it the third eye. It is a point of spiritual access inside your head, known in age old traditions, and various modern cultures by many names. 

It is the point of direct access to your inner human potential.

The tenth door is inside the head at the intersection between the ears and between the eyes. The other 9 doors are the gateways in the human body which connect us to our outer world through our senses. Two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, your mouth, sex organs and anus. 

Many meditation techniques use this pineal area of the brain as a point of focus for the mind. When a person starts to move through the tenth door they enter a state of transcendence, meditation, soul travel, deep relaxation, samadhi, theta, alpha. From a science and spiritual point of view, this movement and change of state is when the magic starts to happen, and the recorded benefits of meditation occur..

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

There are core practices we can learn and study about accessing states of transcendence, and gaining full power over our life energetically, so we know how to handle anything that it brings us. 

Nothing about accessing your soul awareness requires belief, there are practical techniques you can apply to your practice and witness for yourself, then decide if you have any results or experiences you deem valuable. These techniques access your inner sound current and come from many schools and traditions and are about direct connection with self/soul/human potential, or are used to clear blocks that are in the way of that direct connection taking place.

“There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about, but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life.” – Rumi

Self awareness is a refined energy, compared with the physical body which is a dense energy. So are the mind, emotions and unconscious, all varying levels of energetic density. These energy fields can hold blocks that get in the way of our self-awareness. Self-awareness is the state of evolution we are capable of as humans, multi-dimensional awareness, activated intuition and a fully charged energy field. None of this has anything to do with religion. It is the naturally occurring state of possibility of humans on the planet now.

It’s time to activate your energetic body. The majority of electrical energy fields in your body are likely either dormant, blocked or dislocated in some way. This is an entire part of our beingness as humans, which up until recently we have ignored or not even known we have access too. Eastern/Traditional Chinese medicine works with these energy fields.

The good news is the vibration of the planet and humans is rising, all that meditation and praying and ‘full moon surrendering’ is working. But this is only the beginning. We need to keep doing the actions which keep our energy flowing and vital.

As humans we now need to upgrade our software, as cheesy as that sounds. We have unlocked new levels of awareness and inner power, and it’s all so new we are still getting used it and realising what we are actually capable of.

Our ability to multi-task (rightly or wrongly), and deal with technology, I think, is a blessing, because we are more familiar now with energy than ever before. We need to look at this ability from 10,000 feet, and from an energetic perspective. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, the morals and ethics of the internet.

What is happening is that it has become innate for us to know we can access almost anything at any time through the internet. All the screens we look at are made of light and electricity (energy). There was a time when computers first came out that the operators could not handle being in front of a screen more than a few hours at a time and had to stop. And now millions of people spend 8 hours a day working directly with screens.

We have become aware of how this energy, and exposure to it, can affect us negatively, and also how much joy and positivity we get by connecting with people and ideas online, as well as being a channel for earning money and serving. Creating all kinds of digital things for fun or expression, or even to share information and wisdom with the world.

The outer world is truly reflecting to us a magnificent mirror of our inner worlds. And the possibilities  of our endless expansion once we begin to tap into our energetic selves. We are being shown so much. And this to is not spiritual or religious, it’s science, it’s energy, it’s electricity. While spiritual is a good word to describe parts of ourselves that are non physical, it’s a very confusing term that has many different meanings to different people. I like using words like, energy, awareness, creativity, intuition, heart, emotions, thoughts, frequencies, vibrations, these are all talking to the non physical dimension of our beingness.

So the problem is, in a way, we are caught in this outer world of lights and electricity, forgetting to go within and find our own source of inner power and activate our own electric fields so we can handle this world and navigate it with elegance, and then work with the dynamics here to bring transformation and evolution into areas we are concerned with.