Meet Bība (Bianca)

The mastery is in being true to yourself. In a world which is determined to make you something else.

If I could ask you one thing it would be: Are you being kind to yourself?

Why do I care if you are being kind to yourself? Because I do. I see people pushing themselves so hard, striving and wanting happiness and success in the world so badly, and it’s ironic because it’s that very pushing and drive that stops that door from opening.

All relationships in life are reflections of the relationship we have with ourself. Having a kind world starts with you being kind to you.

We need to redefine happiness, success and love and what it means to ‘have or get’ those things. In most case it’s not what we thought it was.

That’s what I’m about.

Bianca’s Bio

Passions & Obsessions


Seeing the good in all situations. Knowing we are all whole and perfect beings first. Accepting and choosing to love regardless. Using everything for our learning and growth.


What are we creating? What assumptions are we still running? Are we asking the right questions? And solving problems with new thinking? To change everything we need everyone.

Art & Making Things

Zero to One. Bringing dreams to life. Alchemy of creativity. Being part of creating the future we all want to live in. Art and the innovation of evolution. Living and defining the new paradigm of business, success and happiness.

Sacred Space & Ritual Experiences

I decided once that I wanted to spend most of my time in sacred space. Connecting to the self that exists beyond the ego. Creating spaces and experiences for people who are seeking to know themselves.