Golden Spiral Labyrinth

TRANSCEND/Bonjuk Bay Turkey – Golden Spiral Labyrinth  2018

This interactive installation is a walking meditation that is known to inspire many transformational experiences in a very simple and organic way.

What is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is one of the oldest symbols in the world, found across many cultures since 2500 BCE. It is a symbol of ritual, art and myth, and in recent centuries it has been used as a symbol of the sacred inner journey.

Representing a pilgrimage to your inner self, this artwork is a walking meditation. A time to reflect… let go… set an intention… heal… send light and connect inwardly.

A single path in and out, you cannot get lost, simply follow the path to your center.

Unwind your mind, open to receive, set your intentions and send out your prayers to be answered.

How To Walk The Labyrinth

Take off your shoes.

At the entrance take a deep breath and set your intention.

As you enter the labyrinth and begin to walk, keep your attention in your inner world.

Follow the path towards the center, step by step.

As you reach the center take time to open your heart and let in the gifts from the universe.

To leave, return on the same path, keeping focused and open.

To end, acknowledge yourself and your walk, notice your inner world.

Opening The Golden Spiral Labyrinth

These are photos from the opening of the Golden Spiral Labyrinth a hosted group experience. A labyrinth walking meditation can also be a profound individual experience. This labyrinth was visited day and night by guests at Bonjuk Bay during the season.

The Artist’s Journey

Hand-painted over 4 days the canvas is 15 feet square. I painted the black and holographic background as a performance piece in May 2018 on the Hudson River in NYC and then carried the canvas to Turkey and completed the golden spirals at Bonjuk Bay on the Aegean Coast.