The good news is I’m not the only one going public about my double life. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives everywhere have been coming out of the closet en masse, not as being gay but as being meditators. High profile people like Bill Ford the chairman of the Ford Motor Company, comedian Jerry Seinfeld and singer Alanis Morriset,  Jeff Weiner the CEO of LinkedIn and even Paul Carroll the coach of the Seattle Seahawks!

I have been inspired to assist people rekindle their natural interest to know themselves more deeply, and to awaken the happiness that is often hidden just below the surface of our stressed lives. I aim to help all people to develop a daily meditation practice. My fave hashtag is #gowithin :D

People often say “I’ve tried meditation, but it doesn’t work” or “I can’t do it.” My take on that is there is no wrong way to meditate, and if you think it doesn’t work just keep trying new techniques…because it does work..there are loads of studies out now which prove it. The world is getting more tightly wound each year. You want to find healthy ways to unwind yourself and find an inner sanctuary away from it all.

I am part of a new movement of  seekers who are waking up and growing up. The wisdom you seek already exists in you and my intention is to help you discover it.

As a case study for yourself, if you are interested, I would like you to join me in a short meditation. Either mindfully read the words, or better yet – press play below. I have included a beautiful song from a dear friend Eric Lumiere afterwards to extend the moment for you, it’s about opening your heart. Time to #gowithin see you on the other side.

Thank you for taking a moment with me. I invite you to continue to deepen your inner journey as a reminder to you that who you are is more important, valuable and real than anything you will ever do in this world.

I am known for inspiring people to go within and wakeup to their own inner awareness. People I work with are their own gurus, who are living integrated and balanced lives. I want to invite you to make time to go within everyday it’s the best gift you could ever give yourself.