Experience Design

Transformational Experiences

TRANSCEND/Tulum/NYC/Istanbul – Living Mystery Circles  2018

TRANSCEND/Turkey – Golden Spiral Labyrinth  2018

NOMADE/Tulum – Women’s Circle in honor of #metoo Movement 2018

BONJUK BAY/Turkey – Morning and Sunset Guided Meditations 2018

TRANSCEND – Illumination Cards – Limited Edition 2017

Content Design and Production

INSCAPE – Audio Guided Library of over 200 original meditation, sound and relaxation experiences 2016-2019

Product Development

INSCAPE/NYC – Meditation Custom Cushions and Blankets 2016

INSCAPE/NYC – Signature Scent. HVAC Air delivered pure essential oil blend. 2016

Digital Experience Design

TWIG (The World Is Good) – Social media mobile app for good. Product Strategy and UX Design 2018

INSCAPE/NYC – App Sound Therapy Library of Artist Collaborations and Audio Programming

Music Curation

INSCAPE/NYC – Studio/Dome/Work Environment Playlists 2016-2019

HOLISTIKA/TULUM – Tierra Restaurant Playlists based on time of day 2017