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Announcing the BUZZ LAB 10 week program community edition – based on a powerful science, backed, somatic practice – designed to help reduce stress and regulate your nervous system FAST.

Let's Find out...

By participating in this 10-week program, you will have the opportunity to test out this simple technique and experience its benefits for yourself.


  • Why our bodies are wired for stress and how to change that
  • The neuroscience of stress and how to buffer stress in real time
  • How to regulate you vagus nerve
  • the 3 part of the vagus nerve and how to navigate between the stages
  • A short and powerful stress relief practice that also has long term regulation benefits.
  • The power of short regular and manageable practices to process trauma and anxiety.


This is what is required to join:

  • A commitment of just 5 minutes a day to practice
  • For you to complete a weekly reflection report
  • Willingness to go the distance for 10 weeks
Free for the community to participate. This is a gift to start 2023 in flow. No charge to you.
Feb 6 Start
Monday – Live Zoom Sessions (60 Minutes)
8pm Turkey Time
6pm CET – Europe
12 Noon EST – New York
9am PST – Los Angeles
Tuesday 4am Sydney  
(If you’re in Aussie DM me and we can set up a community call.)


Hi, I’m Bība, I’m an innovator and practitioner in the mental health space. As an international somatic coach and meditation teacher, I create gentle guided practices designed for people to break the stress cycle.

I have created wellness programs inflight for JetBlue Airlines, inroom at Editions Hotels and inapp for Uber riders, among other global brands. When Gary Vee meditated for the first time it was me guiding him. I am also a tech entrepreneur, and have had a dedicated meditation practice since 1995 in the Shabd yoga tradition. I have been teaching meditation for over a decade.


What has become clear to me these past years is that it’s no longer optional to manage our mental health, as we move through major world changes that effect us all, managing our stress, anxiety and reactions to overwhelm are of prime importance to ourselves, our relationships and our careers.

Even though people know the benefits of meditation ,there are some real challenges that people face when trying to incorporate a practice into their routine.

1. Lack of time: It can seem impossible to find time in a busy schedule to practice in a meaningful way.

2. Difficulty sticking with the practice: It can be hard to make meditation a habit, especially if you are not seeing immediate results.

3. Difficulty focusing: Some people find it impossible to quiet their thoughts and focus on their breath, especially if they are under stress or have a lot on their mind.

I have seen first hand people trying and failing. And realized that meditation is not enough. As new information has emerged in neuroscience this past decade, I have been able to connect the dots with what works in studies and which meditation techniques and somatic practices would be most effective.



  • 3 Sessions will be guiding you to learn and understand the technique.
  • 7 Sessions (optional) Understanding the science of polyvagal theory, somatic practice, stress and more.
  • All Sessions will include live Question and Answers.


These past five years I have pioneered an effective and gentle technique for people who can’t meditate because they are too stressed or too busy. This process regulates the nervous system FAST – to become more anchored, calm and confident. It’s a relevant and powerful method that addresses people where they are, and moves their nervous systems into a state of regulation and brings relief from stress. 

It’s a powerful somatic practice based in yogic tradition and actual science. 

We will be applying this technique in the context of stress and anxiety, and the common side effects of sleep problems, low libido and sexual dysfunction.

It can have a profound effect on the nervous system for calming in a fast and lasting way that does not require mindfulness focussing. I will be using this research as I am developing an in-depth program to share this method with people who literally are too stressed to meditate. 

Thanks for your interest in being part of the study and on the journey together. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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Embrace this chance to take charge of your stress and improve your overall health and happiness.

Apply below and be part of my study to validate this method as an everyday practice for managing stress. Join me on a journey to anchoring inner peace and calm in your body.

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