Brand Development

Brand Strategy

INSCAPE/NYC – Modern Wellness Meditation & Relaxation Concept. Flagship Studio, App, Retail and Content.

HOLISTIKA/TULUM – Transformational Destination Hotel

BONJUK LIFE/TURKEY – Transformational Creative Community Destinations

EVERLESS/AMSTERDAM – Origami inspired minimalist gadget. A style-centric bag for the eco-conscious.

Copywriting & Brand Styling

INSCAPE – Copywriting/Brand Styling/Program Styling 2016-2019

BONJUK LIFE – Visual Brand Styling and Copy Styling 2019

SHU SUGI BAN HOUSE – Program Copy Styling 2019

HOLISTIKA – Visual Brand Styling/Hotel Experience Styling 2017-2018

NOMADE – Program Copy Styling 2017

Event Programming

INSCAPE – In Studio Guest Programming Strategy 2019