Bība Bianca’s Bio

Having lived in 12 cities from Cape Town to Shanghai to NYC, she has recently followed the sun for 7 summers in a row, Bianca now lives in the South of Turkey. Collaborating with visionaries and brands globally who are creating the new paradigm.

A big picture thinker, Bianca is not limited by the status quo or convention, and passionately believes in each person’s ability and their unique potential to create.

Audio Visual Artist + Tech Entrepreneur + Web3 + Music NFTs

For the past 25 years Bianca (Bība) has navigated her life based on the spiritual principle : Know thyself. Her journey has been deep and wide living in many countries and learning from masters in both the inner and outer worlds. A serial entrepreneur and more recently NFT Audio Visual Artist, Bība is dedicated to a future that is sustainable, kind and whole.

It’s energy work learning to live in a flow state, manage stress, fear and past pain. Biba guides and inspires people through her art to connect in compassionate and creative ways to their freedom and joy.

As part of her body of work she released over 200 guided meditations and personal development programs with Inscape New York. She created wellness experiences for brands seeking to align with slow living values. Stella Artois, Listerine, Jetblue, Uber, Edition Hotels, Nomade Tulum and Holistika Tulum.

Dance as medicine fully came to life when she was called inwardly to bring a fusion experience to the world, one that was transformational and a celebration. The creation of Alchemy of Dance™, brings together music, intention and movement. Part of the emerging trend in sound healing, pushing it to the dynamic space of dance music and high energy expression. The release of her debut music album Amazon in 2020, marks the launch of her signature immersive sound and movement art installation experiences.

In 2009 she experienced one of those intense life events that shake the very foundations of your reality. Determined to use everything she had learned about how to live life, she applied LOVE as her healing prescription. As an experiment to prove to herself if all the teachings about love, gratitude and forgiveness were real. The inner and outer journey was transformational and transcendent. Stronger than ever, she now has more compassion and drive to transform this planet to peace, and effect the systemic changes it will require.

In 2014 she was invited to move to New York City to birth Inscape, an evolutionary project bringing meditation to the world in a modern, accessible, creative and culturally relevant way.

In 2017 Bianca left the life she knew in search of the life that was waiting for her. Based in Tulum she launched her art career, beginning with a small collection of her signature drawings and a limited edition run of inspiration cards.

In early 2018 she was invited to visit Turkey for a music festival and as these stories go, she never left. Now her life story is shared through her work, art and storytelling.

Now travelling between in Tulum, Mexico, Istanbul Turkey and Sydney, Australia. She is working on projects devoted to celebrating the sacred in everyday life. Inspiring people on their journey through life using real life experiences, traditional wisdom, technology and the future of culture. Bianca is calling forward the self that is beyond the ego, uniting the tribe who call themselves spiritual but not religious.

Her personal journey spans over 24 years of a dedicated inner practice of universal wisdom, truth seeking, yoga and meditation. She is a world-bridger demonstrating how to succeed in business while navigating its challenges with awareness, love and purpose, valuing and validating all people, and cultivating an authentic inner connection.

Co-founder of Magicdust, Australia’s leading digital agency for small businesses serving over 4000 clients since 2006, she has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs building their businesses and brands online. Her vision was to empower everyone with the power of the internet. And this continues with her pioneering in the Web 3 space. And empowering artists to embrace new possibilities.

Leading by example as a woman entrepreneur in the tech and design space, Bianca has an evolutionary impulse hardwired into her veins.  Although she is a successful business woman her underlying motivation, strength and power is in helping others and providing an abundant exchange. She sees the spirit of business and entrepreneurship as a game that transcends money and is rooted in creativity, the hero’s journey and service to others.

She has seen a vision of our future and is leading us there. A world where all people are energised, happy and inspired in their careers, and their daily lives are spent enthusiastically contributing positively to the world. Bianca supports people to create this future through advocating entrepreneurship, purposeful career choices, and paying attention to a daily inner practise, championing the courage and frameworks that change the very fabric which define HOW we succeed.

While away from her computer and studio space, she can be found on her yoga mat in the jungle, doing amateur numerology readings in her local cafe, or on the beach playing backgammon.

Bianca teaches and speaks about the universal tools which she uses to get through life on this planet and shares her inspiring enthusiasm for continual learning and growing as the way of reclaiming our happiness and true fulfillment.