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Hi, I’m an innovator and educator in the mental health space. As an international somatic meditation teacher, I use movement and sound to create guided embodiment practices designed for people to break the stress cycle and remember how to slow down.

I have created wellness programs inflight for JetBlue Airlines, inroom at Editions Hotels and inapp for Uber riders, among other global brands. When Gary Vee meditated for the first time it was me guiding him. I am a tech entrepreneur, and have had a dedicated meditation practice since 1995 in the Shabd yoga tradition. I have been teaching meditation for over a decade.

What has become clear to me these past years is that it’s no longer optional to manage our mental health, as we move through major world changes that effect us all, managing your stress, anxiety and overwhelm are of prime importance to yourself, your relationships and your career.


Even though people know the benefits of mental health practices and meditation, there are some real challenges that people face when trying to incorporate a practice into their routine.
  1. Lack of time: It can seem impossible to find time in a busy schedule to regularly practice in a meaningful way.
  2. Difficulty sticking with the practice: It can be hard to make meditation or other practices a habit, especially if you are not seeing immediate results.
  3. Difficulty focusing: Some people find it impossible to sit still to meditate and focus on their breath, especially if they are under stress or have a lot on their mind.

I have seen first hand people trying and failing. And realized that meditation is not enough to break the stress cycle.

So I have hacked the endless chore of meditating into practical, bite sized embodiment practices to start bringing self regulation and energy management into your daily flow so you can course correct in real-time.

As new information has emerged in neuroscience this past decade, I have been able to connect the dots with what works in studies and which meditation techniques and somatic practices would be most effective. Recently I have pioneered an effective and gentle technique for people who are stressed or anxious, that regulates the nervous system FAST, to become more anchored, calm and confident without spending hours each week on a cushion. It’s a contextually relevant and powerful method that addresses people where they are, and shapes their nervous systems into states of regulation and brings relief from stress.

  1. First I prioritized the practices which took the least amount of time to complete without compromising on effect. Basically how to get the best impact for the time spent.
  2. Second I identified the techniques that were somewhat biomechanical in nature and satisfy the need to feel an immediate effect fast, to get a relaxation hit so to speak.
  3. And third the practices needed to apply to people who essentially are too stressed to meditate. Repairing their ruptured nervous system for long term nourishment.
 So working with these insights somewhat intentionally and somewhat intuitively, over the past years I have developed a highly effective technique called SomaSync That in a pinch can be completed in as little as 3 minutes for an immediate relaxation response. 

It draws on sound therapy and somatic awareness, it’s perfect for people who can’t meditate, can’t sleep, and can’t have sex. Yes stress kills libido too.

Right now, my mission is to inspire people everyday to SLOW DOWN, and to learn how to access the power in their body, to manage their stress and regulate their nervous systems. In a world verging on chaos, we need to be as calm, resilient and confident as ever. Our own self-calm will also act as an anchor to the people around us.

To support my vision of nourishing people everywhere, I am looking for partnerships with companies who have teams on the front line, dealing with customers daily and also hotels, airlines or spas who are interested in wellness offerings for their clients.

To amplify my mission of a sustained and caring world I am looking for platforms to share my message, on influencer podcasts, thought leader stages, panels and summits, interviews, guest appearances, and blogs.

My core interest is the power of embodiment beyond mindfulness, the healing ability of sound beyond entertainment and reclaiming pleasure beyond just coping and not being stressed.


I believe it has never been more important than right now to be kind. And being kind to ourselves is becoming harder and harder as people are stressed and burned out. This is all something that can be transformed with some practical, gentle and safe practices suitable for everyone with no side effects. 

It breaks my heart when I see people losing relationships, opportunities or their general sense of joy to stress and overwhelm. 

My wish is to make the world a kinder and more pleasurable place for everyone. 

I invite you to join my SLOW LIVING journey.


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