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As a somatic coach and meditation teacher, I specialize in helping people break the stress cycle and create more pleasure and intimacy in their lives. In one-on-one coaching I offer a personalized approach to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall wellbeing.

My journey to becoming a somatic coach began when I struggled with stress and burnout as an entrepreneur in 2016. I was teaching meditation and practicing myself, but was seeing in myself and others, something more was needed.  

Around this time I also began to understand the importance of high vibe, conscious sex, and found a powerful connection to meditation. I went on to certify in body-based, Kriya Yoga Meditation with Alan Finger in New York City, the science of energy work and its effects on the body, mind, and emotions. I developed a dance and movement meditation ritual called Alchemy of Dance and released an album of 7 dance prayers in 2020. My somatic journey took me into OSHO meditations and I also studied somatic practice with the Embody Lab.

Through my own personal journey, I learned how to manage stress, prioritize self-care, and create more pleasure and intimacy in my life. Using dance, yoga, sound healing and focussing directly on keeping the nervous system calm. 

Now, I share these tools and strategies with others so they can experience the same transformation. Beyond stress relief, the awakening of our body, and integrating the past overwhelm returns the body to sensing and receiving pleasure, in both sexual and non sexual ways.

As part of my body of work, I released over 200 guided meditations and personal development programs with Inscape New York and created wellness experiences for brands seeking to align with slow living values, including Stella Artois, Listerine, Jetblue, Uber, Edition Hotels, Nomade Tulum, and Holistika Tulum.

As a coach, I’m passionate about helping people overcome their stress and anxiety, and repair their connection with the sensuality of life which has been squeezed out of us. 

Whether you’re 

  • an entrepreneur feeling overwhelmed,
  • in a relationship that’s lost its spark,
  • or single and struggling to create meaningful connections.

I’m here to coach you to return nourishment and sweetness to your life

With my personalized approach and practical tools and strategies, you’ll learn how to manage stress, improve communication, and create more pleasure and intimacy in your life.

And with my support and accountability, you’ll stay on track to make lasting changes.


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