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Marcus Tullius Cicero

Criticize by creation, not by finding fault

The opportunity is to create. To create new, informed, evolutionary, eco-centric paradigms. In the world and inside our hearts and minds.

The crime is not in ignorance, it’s in knowing better and not doing better. We need courage, focus, discipline, hearts wide open, trust in life and commitment to building a future we can all live and thrive in.

Dream a big dream. Speak the future into existence. Align with the light and be relentless daily toward the outcome of peace.

I take this personally.


We only ever really have two choices: to get bitter or better when we are confronted with anything. I choose better. Not only that; I choose…

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Looking back...

People tend to love me or hate me, depending on how open they are to change, how attached they are to their world view or their level of trust in the universal flow. :)

Bianca Rothschild

The intangible

She has this like 10% magic. And it's like you'll pay almost anything for that...

Ian Mills, co-founder Magicdust